Terpenes & Flavanoids

Impacting Color, Taste and Scent

When compounds are brought together, there is a potential for them to interact with one another. It is crucial for responsible manufacturers to comprehend how these interactions can affect both the product and its users.

Let’s arrive at your ideal smell, taste and color, together


Helping cannabis manufacturers gain market advantage by selling innovative, boundary-testing formulations with the least harm to consumers.


Our team of scientists are ingredient and material risk assessment experts who understand product modification and innovation, and can help you realize your vision.


Products that stretch the possibility of what can marketed within the cannabis industry, with the peace of mind that comes with understanding your product and its impact on consumers.

Use our scientific expertise to help you innovate and create great products.

Our Terpenes & Flavonoids Approach

When compounds such as terpenes are combined, they may undergo alterations that can modify their properties. Let our experts assist you in discovering the perfect formulation for your product.

Our Approach


Perform an initial evaluation of ingredients and formulations, detailing any hazards and determining acceptable inclusion levels for each ingredient used.


Conduct tiered ingredient testing, testing of ingredient mixtures, and pharmacokinetic and sensory studies if needed.


Develop and implement guardrails for real-time decision making about the appropriateness of ingredients.

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