McKinney SL and McKinney RSA's Booth at the Cannabis Science Conference

We recently had the pleasure of participating in the Cannabis Science Conference 2024, an event that brings together industry leaders, scientists, and regulatory experts to share their insights and advancements in the field.

Our social media coverage highlighted several key moments from the conference, showcasing the breadth of knowledge and innovation present.

Conference Sponsorship and Key Science Sessions

As sponsors of the conference, we engaged in thought-provoking discussions with industry leaders shaping the future of cannabis science and regulatory compliance. A highlight was Willie McKinney Ph.D., DABT’s talk on preparing for regulation leveraging tobacco regulation insights for cannabis’s regulatory.  His insights were invaluable and well-received by all attendees.

Cannabis Compliance Panel Highlights

The Compliance Panel, moderated by Kimberly Stuck, CP-FS, CQA, featured David Vaillencourt, Robert Welch, PharmD, and Christopher Hudalla. They discussed the critical importance of ensuring compliance and maintaining quality standards in the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Inconsistencies in product labeling and testing were key issues addressed, emphasizing the need for education, correct labeling, and rigorous testing to ensure consumer safety and industry credibility.

Future Directions and Industry Collaboration

The Cannabis Science Conference 2024 provided a platform for discussing the latest advancements in analytical testing, cultivation techniques, regulatory compliance, and medical applications of cannabis. We were thrilled to see the industry’s scientists, including David Vaillencourt, Willie McKinney Ph.D., DABT, and Sanad Mustafa, come together to share their expertise and insights.

Closing Panel Discussion

The conference concluded with an engaging panel discussion featuring Willie McKinney Ph.D., DABT, Victoria P., and Andrew Waye, PhD, from the analytical track. These leading scientists shared their expertise and forward-thinking approaches, inspiring attendees with their vision for the future of the cannabis industry.

Our Commitment to Advancements

Looking ahead, we at McKinney RSA are excited about the potential for advancements in the coming year. We remain dedicated to providing our clients with the expertise, guidance, and support they need to thrive in this dynamic industry. Our gratitude extends to the organizers, speakers, and attendees who made this event a resounding success.

A huge McKinney RSA thank you to everyone who participated in and supported the Cannabis Science Conference 2024. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to advance the cannabis industry.

Videos from the Cannabis Science Conference

Willie McKinney Presents at the Cannabis Science Conference

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