Non-Targeted Chemical Analysis – Mark Crosswhite

Non-Targeted Chemical Analysis:

Nontargeted chemical analysis is a powerful technique to simplify and understand the vastness of molecular complexity that can exist in a microscopic droplet. Using this tool, we can study complex chemical reaction systems, monitor chemical dynamics, and gain a more complete understanding of the physical and chemical processes crucial to making dramatic advancements in product development, stewardship, and safety. Nontargeted chemical analysis represents a paradigm shift in the approach to chemical characterization. A departure from the traditional methods focused on targeting analytes to a more holistic approach that seeks to detect and identify as many compounds as possible within a given sample. The extremely data rich results of this approach have also been seen as its primary challenge.

The seemingly overwhelming amount of data generated in this type of chemical analysis has provoked caution and avoidance of this approach by many people. Indeed, when not planned properly and executed well, tasking a sensitive analytical instrument to detect everything possible in a sample can generate data that can be overwhelming and difficult to interpret. However, McKinney Regulatory Science Advisors is a leader in unraveling the complexities in data rich results common to non targeted analysis so that the rich information hidden in the vastness of the infinitesimally small molecular domain can finally be presented and used to understand the intricacies and molecular and physical properties that can drive innovation. Additionally, we partner with laboratories that have extensively invested in expertise and have developed and validated the most advanced approaches to non targeted chemical analysis. They generate data that cut through the noise that is so often associated with this technique.

This helps us to deliver actionable and meaningful insights that would otherwise be unachievable. So if you’re ready to unravel the complex intricacies and reveal the vast information that lies in the nearly infinitesimally small molecular universe, then let McKinney Regulatory Science Advisors be your guide.